FUTURA is a cooperative, a professional training institution founded in 1983, which operates in the region of Sicily, with 120 employees, 1600 students per year, 12 locations equipped with computer and beauty laboratories, hairdressers, kitchen, electricity laboratories. Futura is one of the most solid organizations operating in the training sector in Sicily. It has increased the employment rate after courses by 33%, one of the highest. Since September 2020, at its headquarters in Via Alcamo 84, FUTURA has promoted the establishment of the KLAB (Key-Lab), activating a research team open to external contributions from scholars, professionals and volunteers, oriented to structure positive actions and pilot projects to promote an increasing qualification of its students, teachers and administrative staff.


In the European programming 2020-2027, FUTURA is today a reference point for the quality and effectiveness of results in education and training, for the ability to design and deliver innovative training, even experimental, generating in the staff the satisfaction and pride to be part of it.


With KLAB, FUTURA intends to support the economic and cultural development of the territory and to increase its European and international dimension by developing projects in the fields of cultural and economic development:

  • new themes of local development: Tourism, Food and Wine…
  • new ICT technologies: AI, virtual reality, augmented…
  • new teaching methodologies: flipped classroom, cooperative learning, metacognitive approaches…
  • transversal competences (soft skills): personal, relational, situational, citizenship…


  • Promote land surveys and systematically collect data and documentation;
  • Activate training partnerships and participate in networks and consortia;
  • Create and test innovative/alternative methodologies and innovative training products;
  • To develop exemplary and innovative training products and tools by implementing the relevant processes;
  • Attract new financial resources to new and more innovative supply chains;
  • Connecting more and more the territory, the labour market and the external environment.


  • Young people of school age (VET);
  • Unemployed adults (ordinary training);
  • Workers (Continuous and Lifelong Learning)


The K of the KLab logo, created by Irene Valentiper FUTURA, is the K of the Key actions, of the European Key Competence… The symbol is characterized by a positive green tick, which is integrated in its national colors with the blue of the flag and of the European flag. K-Lab also contains the Kalat kappa, a project born in 1994, in the middle of the “Sicilian Spring”, a pilot initiative of the Ministry of Labour aimed at local development through international youth mobility and cultural tourism.According to the criteria explained by G.Catania -G.Vultaggio, “Turismo utile, DGE, Trapani 2005”, the initiative has progressively focused on the youth mobility and systematic knowledge and integrated enhancement of the resources of the territory. During the last yearsit has supported:

  • 1995-2015Campi Kalat: 20 editions of Campi scuola internazionale di ricerca archeologica di superficie.
  • 1998-1999Erix-Aequa: Innovative action for work in Southern Italy for the Minister of Labour.
  • 1999-2004:KalatYouth Information Center c/o the Regional Province of Trapani.
  • 2004-2011Ciste-Palinsesto (IT): Territorial and regional integrated planning action with different actions and interventions carried out from 2000 to 2010 with the contribution of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the integrated valorisation of tourist-cultural resources.
  • 2011-2014QLT: exemplary project in the South for Fondazione con il Sud.
  • 2014-2018KISS:an International Youth Centre in Campobello di Licata.
  • 2020: Eurodesk desk for European youth mobility; ESC accreditation,

  • 2022: Needs analysis; activation of European Solidarity Corps projects.


Lecturer in charge: Arch. Giovanni Vultaggio – email: vultaggio.klab@futuraformazione.eu

Tutor: Dott.ssa Danila Viola – email: segreteria.klab@futuraformazione.eu